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FINISHED THE INKS (Wednesday evening (EST), November 12th 2014).

You get to see me drawing in one camera and my face in another.  Chatroom will be available (you don't need to sign up to join the chat).  I'll have audio on to chat live and answer any questions and such.

Consider it mature viewing as even though the art may vary, the discussions can be mature in language and subject...SERIOUSLY mature...and weird...and stuff. :devilish:

The new livestream doesn't give me all the same options and doesn't work as well for me.

Follow my twitter to get updates on when I'm casting as well as here on DA:

-Nicole :)

Wednesday evening (EST), November 5th 2014
Wednesday evening (EST), October 30th 2014
Sunday evening (EST), September 7th 2014
Wednesday evening (EST), September 3rd 2014
Monday evening (EST), September 1st 2014
Wednesday evening (EST), August 27th 2014</strike 
Wednesday evening (EST), August 20th 2014
Monday evening (EST), August 18th 2014
Wednesday evening (EST), August 13th 2014
Wednesday night (EST), August 6th 2014
Monday night (EST), August 4th 2014
Wednesday evening (EST), July 30th 2014

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  • Reading: Artist's Dream by Gerri Hill.
  • Watching: Ton of anime.
  • Playing: The Last of Us. PS3
  • Eating: Protein.
  • Drinking: Water. a visitor (no table).  Follow my Twitter and I'll keep you'all updated on my whereabouts during my stay!  Would love to meet & greet! :woohoo:  If you have a table, let me know; I'd love to stop by. :)

I'll be in NY on Monday, October 6th and leave on Thursday, October 16th.  So, if you're in the area (whether going to the con or not), we can meet up or something (but my relatives, that I'll be visiting while there, take priority ;)).  Msg/Tweet me.  :XD:

-Nicole =)

PS. I'll be up and drawing again November...streaming on my old LiveStream account.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Let it Go (Seriously, let it go.)
  • Reading: Artist's Dream by Gerri Hill.
  • Watching: Ton of anime.
  • Playing: The Last of Us. PS3
  • Eating: Protein.
  • Drinking: Water.

:new: UPDATE: Added OCTOBER's List. 
**Book LINKS no longer work (site must be down-gone).

8+ books a month...out of my 100's of How-To/non-fiction/informative type books (90% art related) I already own.  Some good; some not so good.

See my other Journal for details on this Year's Resolution:…

Each month's books by Title, Author and ISBN. I'll try to link each book to a website ( that lists that info along with it's cover image, cover price, publisher, etc. and several places where to purchase it.  If that site doesn't have it, then I'll link to an Amazon listing or some other reference point.  Some info may differ from my copy due to Printing Edition. 

I've listed them after I've read them, (most) in the order I read them...

73.Your Career in Comics | Lee Nordling
74.Comics & Sequential Art | Will Eisner
75.Careers in Private Security | Leigh Wade
76.Becoming a Critical Thinker| Sherry Diestler
77.Understanding Comics | Scott McCloud
78.Drawing The Head & Figure | Jack Hamm
79.How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way | Stan Lee & John Buscema
80.The DC Comics Guide to Coloring & Lettering Comics | Mark Chiarello & Todd Klein

65.Wizard: How to Draw | by Wizard Entertainment
66.Wizard: How to Draw: Storytelling | by Wizard Entertainment
67.Wizard: How to Draw: Character Creation | by Wizard Entertainment
68.Wizard: How to Draw: Advanced Techniques | by Wizard Entertainment
69.Wizard: How to Draw: Heroic Anatomy | by Wizard Entertainment
70.How to Draw Those Bodacious Bad Babes of Comics | Authors: Frank McLaughlin & Mike Gold
71.How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villians | Author: Christopher Hart
72.How to Draw Great-Looking Comic Book Women | Author: Christopher Hart

57.Cartoon Cool | Author: Christopher Hart
58.How to Draw: Fast Cars, Monster Trucks & Fighter Jets | Author: Christopher Hart
59.Mecha Mania | Author: Christopher Hart
60.Figure | Author: Sharon Pinsker
61.How to Draw: Caricatures | Author: Lenn Redman
62.Action! Cartooning | Author: Ben Caldwell
63.Fantasy! Cartooning | Author: Ben Caldwell
64.The Sketch Art of Sanchez | Artist: Steven Sanchez

49.Scared!: How to Draw Fantastic Horror Comic Characters
ISBN-13: 9780823016648 | Authors: Steve Miller; Bryan Baugh
50.Spartan Up!
ISBN-13: 9781471137686 | Author: Joe De Sena
51.Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up
ISBN-13: 9781581809541 | Author: Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
52.Let's Draw Manga: Tokyo Urban Hip Hop Culture
ISBN-13: 9781569709696 | Author: Makoto Nakajima
53.Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy
ISBN-13: 9780823024971 | Author: Christopher Hart
54.Dracopedia: A Guide to Drawing the Dragons of the World
ISBN-13: 9781600613159 | Author: William O'Connor
55.Drawing Human Anatomy
ISBN-13: 9780289800898 | Author: Giovanni Civardi
56a.One Mandy Morning
ISBN: Artist Sketchbook | Artist: Dean Yeagle
56b.Scribblings 2
ISBN: Artist Sketchbook | Artist: Dean Yeagle
56c.Scribblings 3
ISBN: Artist Sketchbook | Artist: Dean Yeagle

41.Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know
ISBN-13: 9781880656532 | Author: Gilles Poitras
42.The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation
ISBN-13: 9781880656327 | Author: Gilles Poitras
43.Mastering Creative Anxiety
ISBN-13: 9781577319320 | Author: Ph.D. Eric Maisel
44.Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures (Fantastic Fantasy Comics)
ISBN-13: 9780823016624 | Author: Steve Miller
45.The Art of Animal Drawing
ISBN-13: 9780486274263 | Author: Ken Hultgren
46.The Concise Book of Trigger Points, 2nd Ed.
ISBN-13: 9781556437458 | Author: Simeon Niel-Asher
47.The Logo Brainstorm Book
ISBN-13: 9781440304316 | Author: Jim Krause
48.Designers in Handcuffs: How to Create Great Graphics When Time, Materials and Money Are Tight
ISBN-13: 9781581803310 | Author: Pat Matson Knapp

33.The Art Model's Handbook: The Naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists
ISBN-13: 9781442169692 | Author: Andrew Cahner
34.More How To Draw Manga Volume 3: Enhancing A Character's Sense Of Presence
ISBN-13: 9784766114843 | Author: Go Office
35.Making a Good Layout
ISBN-13: 9780891344230 | Authors: Lori Seibert; Lisa Ballard
36.How To Draw Manga Volume 4: Dressing Your Characters in Casual Wear
ISBN-13: 9784889960464 | Author: The Society for the Study of Manga Techniques
37.Character Design Studio
ISBN-13: 9780760758557 | Author: Chris Patmore
38.How To Draw Manga Volume 19: Super-Deformed Characters Volume 2: Animals
ISBN-13: 9784766114706 | Author: Gen Sato
39.Drawing and Painting the Undead
ISBN-13: 9780764138133 | Author: Keith Thompson
40.How To Draw Manga Volume 12: Giant Robots
ISBN-13: 9784766112559 | Author: Hikaru Hayashi

25.Design Essentials with ADOBE Illustrator and ADOBE Photoshop
ISBN-13: 9780672485381 | Author: Adobe Press
26. Letterhead + Business Card Design (Creative Edge)
ISBN-13: 9781581801521 |Author: Lynn Haller
27. The Human Figure: An Anatomy for Artists
ISBN-13: 9780140042436 | Author: David K. Rubins
28. Draw Real Hands!
ISBN-13: 9780891348177 | Author: Lee Hammond
29. Manga Mania: Chibi and Furry Characters
ISBN-13: 9780823029778 | Author: Christopher Hart
30. Sketching Your Favorite Subjects in Pen & Ink 
ISBN-13: 9781581804331 | Author: Claudia Nice
31. Draw Comics with Dick Giordano
ISBN-13: 9781581806274 | Author: Dick Giordano
32. Drawing Wildlife
ISBN-13: 9780823023790 | Author: J.C. Amberlyn

17. Drawing Dynamic Hands
ISBN-13: 9780823013685 | Author: Burne Hogarth
18. Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth-Century Sources
ISBN-13: 9780486285610 | Author: Carol Belanger Grafton
19. Animals in Motion (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
ISBN-13: 9780486202037 | Author: Eadweard Muybridge
20. Weapons and Armor: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings
ISBN-13: 9780486242422 | Author: Harold H. Hart
21. Figure Drawing for Fashion Design
ISBN-13: 9789054960805 | Author: E. Drudi
22. Dragonart: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
ISBN-13: 9781581806571 | Author: Jessica "Neon Dragon" Peffer
23. Anatomy for Fantasy Artists: An Illustrator's Guide to Creating Action Figures and Fantastical Forms
ISBN-13: 9780764129506 | Author: Glenn Fabry
24. Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals
ISBN-13: 9781600614170 | Authors: Lindsay Cibos; Jared Hodges

9. The Figure: The Classic Approach to Drawing & Construction
ISBN-13: 9780891340973 | Author: Walt Reed
10. Dinosaur (Eye Wonder)
ISBN-13: 9780789478511 | Authors: Sarah Walker; Samantha Gray
11. Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
ISBN-13: 9780486429816 | Author: Diana Stanley
12. Courage and Craft: Writing Your Life into Story
ISBN-13: 9781577316015 | Author: Barbara Abercrombie
13. The Art of Comic-Book Inking
ISBN-13: 9781569712580 | Author: Gary Martin
14. The Monster Book of Manga: Girls
ISBN-13: 9780061537943 | Author: Ikari Studio
15. The Art Of Comic-Book Inking Volume 2
ISBN-13: 9781569716137 | Author: Gary Martin
16. The Armourer and His Craft: From the XIth to the XVIth Century
ISBN-13: 9780486258515 | Author: Charles ffoulkes

1. A Practical Guide to the Runes
ISBN-13: 9780875425931 | Author: Lisa Peschel
2. Soups (101 Essential Tips)
ISBN-13: 9780789419804 | Author: Anne Willan
3. The Complete Gil Hibben Knife Throwing Guide
ISBN: can't identify | Author: Gil Hibben
4. Art of Acrylic Painting
ISBN-13: 9781560109143 | Author: Walter Foster Creative Team
5. Drawings of Mucha: 70 Works by Alphonse Maria Mucha
ISBN-13: 9780486236728 | Author: Alphonse Mucha
6. Bodies - The Exhibition
ISBN-13: 9780977166114 | Author: John Zaller
7. The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha
ISBN-13: 9780486240442 | Author: Alphonse Mucha
8. Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction
ISBN-13: 9780486229232 | Author: George Bain

Sorry, no time to do summaries or reviews, but I'll try my best to answer other questions you may have.  And most are on Amazon so you can read the book summary/description on there and it also (usually) allows you to view some inner pages.  Then you can have a better idea on content.

-Nicole =)

2014 New Year's Resolution? 8+ books a month...out of my 100's of How-To/non-fiction/informative type books (90% art related) I already own.  I'm skipping over my Fiction stuff (novels, graphic novels, manga, Universal Guide to the Marvel Universe types etc.).  Monthly updated LIST link below.

I was impulsive and obsessive compulsive with buying them...*flip-flip-flip*, "OOooohhh, cool, pretty", [purchase], stick on the book shelf to never read, if not only to glance at once in a blue moon.  I moved to a new place and now have to unpack my 30 something book-filled boxes...a good time to start fresh.

This way, I can obtain some small percentage of knowledge, if not by reading, visual memory, motor memory, then by simple repetition in some manner.  There will be plenty of repetition considering how many books I have are of similar content (illustration/anatomy etc).  For those with more images (artwork/reference images) than text, I will study visually, copying, following instruction and/or tracing, as opposed to 'skimming over' the content.  

I started late for January, but I opened the first box January 23rd and 'read' 8 for that month's allotment.  It was quite the mix of subjects and picture-text-pages ratio overall (got lucky).  I planned to cherry pick future monthly groups as to vary them in the same manner...depending on my mood I suppose.  Heaven forbid I get to the box full of the How-to draw Manga series (I have several dozen within two separate series).  That's why I'll open up several at a time and try to unpack them all before I get too far into the year.  Gotta to vary it up. :D

I'll post each month's books by Title, Author and ISBN. I'll try to link each book with a website that lists that info along with it's cover image, cover price, publisher, etc. and several places where to purchase it.  Sorry, no time to do summaries or reviews, but I'll try my best to answer other questions you may have on them in the listings' page/journal.


Here's the LIST Journal where I'll list them after I've read them, in the order I read the end of each month, if not before:…


Finally time to make use of them.  Maybe then, I'll find new inspiration, subjects, styles and creative outlets to get cranking at the drawing board (haven't drawn since April 2013). :woohoo:

I miss drawing, streaming and the fun interactions I have with you'all. :heart:

-Nicole =)

*UPDATE* 7/28: Deleted ~300 deviations (; DA doesn't make it easy).  Of the 457 I have left, ~365 are the Cally Dailies from 2011.  That was a big 2011 resolution and achievement for me, couldn't get rid of those. ;)

------EDITED to make PAST TENSE-----
I'm just not feeling the urge to get back to the drawing board till I can get back my passion...story telling, especially sequential work.  My own stuff.  So I purged my Gallery.  I saved some old/new that tickle me...pencil versions, published inks, design stuff, Cally dailies, etc.  But MANY of the sketch cards went bye-bye. 

Since part of my motivation is sharing the creative process (streaming-which I can't do until I get a new PC) and sharing online, this is where I'm mentally hung up on.  Too much stuff here.  I let the sketch card years derail me and I limited myself and growth.  "It's good enough", I'd tell myself, but I know it's not as good as I can do overall...just what I wanted to limit to that particular media/mediums.  My best stuff is from my school days, maybe not in penmanship or structural in general, but in passion and creativity.  Just look further back into my gallery before the dailies (when set to Browse; not Featured] may or may not agree, but there's definitely variety (albeit it due to multiple class assignments). ^^; 

So I need to clear the pallet for new colors so to speak, but keep the ones I feel inspire me to get back in the game.  Of course, I can't say when that will be...could be as late as next year (getting back to the drawing board, that is).  But I need to start somewhere...

I'll understand if you choose to unwatch.  But I wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to 'swipe' any of your faves to have on your hardrive or whatever [too late, sorry].  The purge extended to my BM account.  My Youtube most likely won't be updating (can't record anymore), but will mostly remain.  Twitter stayed (but cleaned out old tweets).  Tumbler went.  Needed to consolidate. 

"I should just stop with the art."  That has crossed my mind many times, but I'm still hanging onto finding a solution.  I can't get it on the home-front (no creative support or studio type environments), so I'm trying the virtual one (which has been the one thing keeping me hanging on).  

Sorry and thank you for all your support over these many years.  :heart: Hopefully I come back stronger.  :aww:

-Nicole =)
NOW AVAILABLE!!! Cally: Sketch Collection (Book) by NGoff
Feeback here (same link as thumbnail above):…

EMAIL: (with those underscores)

I'll then reply to your email whether a copy is left to purchase or not
(there's 7 of 25 left and I'll based availability on payments received).

If there is:
then I'll give you my PAYPAL to send $25 to.  S/H covered by me.
I'll then ask you:
if you want it personalized and how.
And also:
a few favorite themes/interests/characters you'd want me to parody (I'll pick from your choices) with your free Cally sketch card.


NOW IN HAND!!! (My Cally 365 Daily Sketch Collection (gallery:…, full color, 372pgs, 5x7.5 paperback book.  
*1st print run: only 25 numbered and signed copies w/FREE custom Cally sketch Sketch Card commish ea. (see CopyCat Cally card:…  To be $25. (S/H on me, even outside the US.)

-Nicole =)
**UPDATE 7/1**
:iconmjtannacore: IS THE 1ST TO GET ALL RIGHT!!!  He gets a free PSC commission from me of a game character of his choice. :XD:

The first two who listed, but got knocked out at #4's answer get a consolidation prize, if they want.  Half off voucher on a commissioned (female subject) sketch card from me. :strip:
:iconryman569: ryman569
:iconbedlamnac: bedlamnac

Thanks everyone for watching, commenting, viewing and just plain being there!! ;P

1. 2011 Daily Sketch 152 by NGoff
Mario Brothers

2. 2011 Daily Sketch 153 by NGoff
Dig Dug

3. 2011 Daily Sketch 154 by NGoff
Metal Gear Solid

4. 2011 Daily Sketch 155 by NGoff
Quitar Hero
A distinctive difference between Guitar Hero and Rock Band is that Guitar Hero has circular buttons while Rock Band has Square. I was looking for the specific answer Guitar Hero.

5. 2011 Daily Sketch 156 by NGoff
Donkey Kong

6. 2011 Daily Sketch 157 by NGoff
Space Invaders

7. 2011 Daily Sketch 158 by NGoff
Mario Cart

8. 2011 Daily Sketch 159 by NGoff
Mine Sweeper

9. 2011 Daily Sketch 160 by NGoff

10. 2011 Daily Sketch 161 by NGoff
Tomb Raider

11. 2011 Daily Sketch 162 by NGoff
Pac Man

12. 2011 Daily Sketch 163 by NGoff

13. 2011 Daily Sketch 164 by NGoff
Ghost n' Goblins

14. 2011 Daily Sketch 165 by NGoff
(Super) Break Out or Brick Breaker
^There's 2 possibilities, I'll accept either for this one.

15. 2011 Daily Sketch 166 by NGoff

16. 2011 Daily Sketch 167 by NGoff
Duck Hunt

17. 2011 Daily Sketch 168 by NGoff
Legend of Zelda

18. 2011 Daily Sketch 169 by NGoff

19. 2011 Daily Sketch 170 by NGoff

20. 2011 Daily Sketch 171 by NGoff

21. 2011 Daily Sketch 172 by NGoff
Oregon Trail

22. 2011 Daily Sketch 173 by NGoff
Mortal Combat

23. 2011 Daily Sketch 174 by NGoff
Sonic The Hedgehog

24. 2011 Daily Sketch 175 by NGoff
Duke Nukem

25. 2011 Daily Sketch 176 by NGoff

26. 2011 Daily Sketch 177 by NGoff

27. 2011 Daily Sketch 178 by NGoff
Excite Bike

28. 2011 Daily Sketch 179 by NGoff

29. 2011 Daily Sketch 180 by NGoff

30. 2011 Daily Sketch 181 GIF by NGoff

-----------------GAME OVER-----------------
*UPDATE* 6/30: 1st to post all 30 correct games in order wins.  See the list below and post your answers (Click the 30.gif, it is not Aliens)!!  
**Hint: Many answers/hints can be found in the reply sections of the deviation posts. ;)
This month's daily sketches will be game references (console, arcade etc).  I will title them Game 1, 2, 3 and so on in the artist comment section all the way to the end of the month's GIF.  I will then update this journal listing the game numbers and YOU will have to name them...the FIRST one to get ALL correct (post response to this journal WHEN I ask for them), will win something.  I don't know what the prize will be, but something art related. ^^  Being correct means at least getting the franchise correct...example: Mario Brothers as opposed to MB2, Super Mario Brothers etc.

*UPDATE* 6/27: Prize: Sketch card of a game character of your choice...female OR male. ;P

You will need an account here so you can post the full list at the end of the month in response to THIS journal, but please WAIT till the END (when I ASK) to list the games in this journal or it doesn't count. ;) Of course you can name them or mention them in the deviations' comments (or find the answers there ;) ), but it doesn't count toward the contest, since I'll only accept your list when you post it here...when I ask for it. :aww:

Daily Sketch Gallery:…
(June Games: Daily Sketches 152-181, games 1-30)


-Nicole =)
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Voltron: United and Drawn
Voltron: United and Drawn BOOK by NGoff

Official...FINAL book cover (with back and spine) so don't be fooled by the pre-production pics found elsewhere ;)...and the cover art was done by Yi-Chieh Su (E.J. Su) with the Voltron: United and Drawn logo created by Mick Collins (puggdogg).

**old UPDATE**1st print SOLD OUT!!  But you may find some copies through the artists (I have a few), cons or various other keep looking! ;P  There may be a second print coming.

Book brought to you by
World Event Productions, 5FINITY Productions and Moonstone Books.

Edited by Steven L. Frank & Jeremy Corray
Design/Layout by Nicole Goff (that's me :giggle:)

"An endearing blend of fantasy and mechanics, this legendary brand has fused itself into social and pop-culture history. To many genre fans, Voltron was the original transforming robotic action series and introduced an entire generation into the world of Japanese style animation. A mix of all new artwork, official brand history, fan memories, cool info, and a lot more, this book celebrates Voltron's influence on pop culture and beyond."

Sooooo....see Voltron through the eyes of over 135 artists with over 145 pages of artwork (many from your fellow deviants)! And stroll down memory lane with images of Voltron memorabilia, old articles and adverts....along with interviews of several folk who helped bring Voltron alive to the U.S. audience...and much more Voltron goodness packed in the hard cover, 192 page official Voltron art book!  As a side note: there's a nice artist index with web addresses so you can quickly become their new fans or simply take a gander at their other works online.  

Oh yeah, and we added two blank pages in the back for your get fan/con sketches, autographs or what not. :XD:

You can order through Voltron's website or Amazon...check them both out to see what meets your needs the best.  You can also order through bookstores using the ISBN numbers below.  I'm just here to promote the book. ;P

Shooting for a January 2011 release date! :aww:

ENJOY!  And feel free to pass the info along!  It's a nice collection of art to have...even if not a fan of Voltron, but of art in general. ;P
-Nicole =)

ISBN-10: 1933076879
ISBN-13: 978-1933076874

Voltron: United and Drawn by 5FINITY
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If you are reading this and purchased a book off me at the Baltimore Comic Con, Saturday Oct. 10th...and never picked it up (yet you did pay for it), then please contact me to arrange free shipment to get it to you.  

My first booth (table) at a Convention!  Tips,'s & don't's?  I still have to arrange a place to stay, but my table's paid for. :XD:

I don't do well with 'sketches'...but I'll try.  If not, I might be working on some things (sets/cards).  I'll also try and have some Personal Sketch Cards drawn up to sell on the spot.  Any suggestions on characters that might sell well at the convention?  

My PSC samples here->….

Plan on going?  Have a booth?

Stop by and say hi! :excited:

Booth #157
Baltimore Comic-Con
October 10th & 11th 2009

-Nicole =)
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